212th clone trooper
Vital statistics
Title /
Callsign Alcatraz
Gender Male
Race Human/Clone
Physical Age 12 ( 24 physically )
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools DC-15s Blaster

Black Gears Black Ring

Abilities Force nullification

Mirror Element Creation of Black Gears or Black Rings

Vehicles None
Status Alive

Alcatraz was a clone captain in the GAR. He served with General Kenobi adn Marshal Commander Cody in the clone wars, during the assault on Utapau, his LAAT was hit by an anti-matter weapon, which sent him through time into the same universe as Anthony Richter had been before him. There his armour was upgraded, to nullify the force around him, enhace his strenght and speed. Later on he returned to Hellcat Squadran, where he joined Hellcat Squadran.

His service record is exemplary, he is known to excel in combat and logistics. Later on it was discovered he also, had control over the Mirror Element and is known to be able to craft strange rings or gears, that attached to people either turn them violently insane, or put them under his control. It is unknown why or how he developed that ability and to what extend he is using it.

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