Adian Cross is the leader of the Gravity Front.


Adian lived a comfortable if not spoiled life style as a child he spent a large ammount of time studing history and as he grew into a teenager he began spending large sums of money buying relics and historically important items. With the death of his parents Adian was depressed and spent a majority of his teen years studing the portal storms and elemental powers. He eventually purchased the largest amount of ectoplasam researching its forms. Desprite to save his family he tried to control time with it but instead foun he could control gravty. His powers grew and so did the distrust from people he cared for. After being shuned by so many he wondered Eurasia is hopes of finding others like him.

The gravity forcesEdit

Cross as a teen witnessed countless atrocities unable to use the power of gravity to avert many alone he wanted an army. He searched the Earth for his kind and evantually he found several of his own kind. Many were cast out and slipped through the cracks of HCS's monitors he soon talked them into following his lead and made a small group of kin. Unfortuatly for his plans they were far to weak to alter the time line. He then shifted the his efforts to finding the one person he needed Daniel Sanders.

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