"This is my own private domicile and I refuse to be harassed...bitch!"' - Aaron's first words to IceBite, who was trying to get into his trailer.

Aaron Jesse Stone
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 24
Alignment Chaotic Good
Tools Combat knife, P99, Meth lab
Status Alive


Aaron Stone was born to High school chemistry teacher Bryan Stone and his wife Helena River. Helena died a year after Aaron was born, and he had a somewhat rocky relationship with his father growing up. When he was fifteen, Bryan was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and they lacked money to pay for treatments. Desperate, the two took to cooking and selling crystal meth to make money, which became their full time occupation, eventually.

Aaron eventually formed friendships with Sasha Urec, Maya Arslan, Angel Carano, Lilith Volker, and and a relationship with Ziva Harper. Sasha, Maya and Ziva helped their cooking business while Angel and Lilith avoided the business but kept his friendship.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Aaron is described as funny and witty. He will be nice to those he cares for, and will do anything to protect them. He has a tendency to use the word "Bitch" after sentences, which once got him in trouble with the law. He tries to avoid killing whenever possible, but will do it when necessary. He is one of the best meth cooks on Earth, able to produce it at 95.8% purity, only topped by his father.

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