ANS-1-5 'Mumantius'
Mumantius Normal
Mumantius in Default Mode
Vital statistics
Title ANS-1-5 'Mumantius'
Programmed Gender Male
AI Type Alpha Neo-Neural Sentient Program
Activation Date 3/07/2015
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Function Hacking, Decoding, Starship Operation
System Compatibility UNSC and Hellcat Squadran Systems
Additional Programming *Hacking Triple Alliance and Coalition Systems
  • Command Defense Droids
  • Decode and Encrypt Communications
  • Control Starship Point Defense Weapons on Starships
  • Navigate Starships
  • store data
Status Online
Location Arguing with Mendicant Bias
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) Varies, but always as a Thri-Kreen Warrior of various Appearances
  • Red/Muscular - Combat Mode
  • Olive/Slender - Default Mode
Mumantius Angry

Mumantius is Combat Mode

Mumantius is Hellcat Squadran's last ANS Series 1 AI. Primarilly a combat AI, 'he's' skilled at many other uses.


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