ANS-1-4 'Messon'
Vital statistics
Title ANS-1-4 'Messon'
Programmed Gender Male
AI Type Alpha Neo-Neural Sentient Program
Activation Date 12/11/2013
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Function Hacking, Decoding, Starship Operation
System Compatibility UNSC and Hellcat Squadran Systems
Additional Programming *Hacking Triple Alliance and Coalition Systems
  • Command Defense Droids
  • Decode and Encrypt Communications
  • Control Starship Point Defense Weapons on Starships
  • Navigate Starships
  • store data
Status Online
Location Arguing with Mendicant Bias
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) Varies, but always as the Archadian Judge Bergan, flashing random colors

Messon is a Hellcat Squadran ANS Tactical Enforcer AI. He commonly comes in conflict with 032 Mendicant Bias.

Relations with other IndividualsEdit

Vaan and PeneloEdit

Because of his resembalence to Archadian Judge Bergan, Messon tends to make Vaan and Penelo nervous.


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