ANS-1-3 'Penelope'
Penelope's Hologram, which bares a striking resemblence to Holly's
Vital statistics
Title ANS-1-1 'Penelope'
Programmed Gender Female
AI Type Alpha Neo-Neural Sentient Program
Activation Date 3/25/2013
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Function Hacking, Decoding, Starship Operation
System Compatibility UNSC and Hellcat Squadran Systems
Equipment Robotoid System
Additional Programming *Hacking Shadow Alliance and Coalition Systems
  • Command Defense Droids
  • Decode and Encrypt Communications
  • Control Starship Point Defense Weapons on Starships
  • Navigate Starships
  • store data
Status Meta-Stable
Location Unknown
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) Varies, but always as a young woman, similar to Holly
  • Red - Angry
  • Gold - Normal
  • Green - Damaged
  • Blue - Sad
  • Violet - Flattered
  • White - High-Spirited

Penelope uses software reverse-engineered from Holly's sub-matrix and is where Tory succeeded where he failed with Holly. Penelope serves as assistance to Holly to get her through rampancy. She hates HK-47 for antagonizing Holly and instigating fights with her. The fact she's constructed from reverse-engineered matrixes from Holly probably explains her resemblence to Holly.


<Hologram curled up and bright gold> "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

"Comment: You are going too far now!"


<Rams HK-47 with Robotoid Body>

"Query: What is the meaning of......!"

"Interruption: Leave Holly alone, before I give you something to 'Query' about!"

"Query: What are you?"

"I am ANS-1-3 , code-name 'Penelope', and I suggest you beat it, rust bucket."

"Threat: You will rue this day." <leaves>

<Hologram turns cyan> "Th-Th-Thank you."

<Gold hologram appears on Holopad on robotoid> "Any time. In fact, I'd really hate to see you sad."

Holly, HK-47, and Penelope in Penelope's very first, very brief arguement with HK-47


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