The AI wars is a war taking place outside of the Coalitions control where several factions of machines, cyborgs, or other form of AI are battling over new territory.


The BeginningEdit

The AI Wars began somewhere in the early parts of the Resurrectal wars when the Xenon appeared and they began taking territory that formely belonged to the borg after a series of attacks by Species 8472. The Borg attempted to assimilate the Xenon however this proved worthless due to the fact the Borg lack adequate fight-craft. This began a series of battles over Xenon and Borg territory. Both sides have the intention of eliminating eachother for this territory

Unimatrix Zero Drones and Bohrok HivesEdit

During the time of the war a group of rogue borg drones severed from the collective thanks to the efforts of USS Voyager's Crew on Unimatrix Zero, they settled a colony outside the borders of the territory, during the colonization they found ancient ruins belonging to what was believed to have been the "Great Beings" of the Bionicle Universe. In the ruins were hives of Bohrak sleeping and awaiting orders to reawaken unfortunatly the Borg reactivated them and they began a genocidal campaign against the Rogue Borg and then eventually they drew themselves and the Rogue Borg into the War.

Techno Union Activity RisesEdit

A week after the Bohrok were reawakened, the remnants of the Techno Union began studies on all of the factions in the war. However the Bohrak found out and began ravaging their bases, in order to counter this the Techno Union began bringing back the old War Machines from the Clone Wars to fight back, and watch ever so intrested as they experiment and manipulate all sides of the war.

The factions and their motivesEdit

These are the following factions and their motives:

Xenon: Their motives are unknown yet judging by their territorial behavior they intend on keeping the territory the Borg Once Occupied

Borg Collective: The Borg Collectives motives is to seek out and destroy (or if possible, assimilate) the other factions so they can reclaim their territory.

Rogue Borg: The rogue borg of Unimatrix Zero don't have a motive except to survive as much as possible, they seem to be caught in the middle of the war and are only trying to thrive.

Bohrak Hives: The motives of the Bohrak seem to be to kill on sight.

Techno Union: The Techno Unions appear to be experimenting on all of the races in the war possibly for research and then selling it to the highest bidder.

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