343 Guilty Spark
343 Guilty Spark
343 Guilty Spark
Vital statistics
Title 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor of Installation 04
Programmed Gender Male
AI Type Forerunner Monitor AI
Activation Date Unknown, around 100000 years ago
Faction Forerunner Alliance (Formerly), UNSC (Formerly), Coalition, Hellcat Squadran
Function Monitor of Installation 04 and its replacement (Formerly), Commander of one of the Coalition's 7 Sentinel Garrisons
System Compatibility Monitor Casing, Most Forerunner Sentinel Variants, Forerunner Systems
Equipment *Monitor Laser Weapon
  • Small Beam for unlocking doors and repairing systems
Additional Programming *Use teleportation grid
  • Access Installation database
  • Command Sentinels
  • Influence computer systems
Status Online (Unknown how)
Location New Mombasa
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) Blue-Eyed Monitor

A self proclaimed genious who's only friend is himself even Tory Lund a fellow scientist is a bit put off by him. Out of all the monitors, he's the most optimistic, and therefore, most annoying. He is despised by Avery Johnson (but, if everyone were revived, everyone would hate their killer).


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