Vital statistics
Callsign Strider
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Guardians of Justice
Tools Swords
Abilities Torillian Magic
Status Alive

'Strider' was once an assassin, who, after a botched assassination, decided to turn over a new leaf. He joined the Guardians of Justice, where he still used his assassin-skills for the good of the organization.


Early LifeEdit

Guardians of JusticeEdit

Cybertron ConflictEdit

'Strider' was assigned to the Guardians' Earth Base, along with fellow Guardians Dante, Arielle, and Aria. It was there that he encountered Megatron-2's Decepticons. He and Aria were the last 2 to be knocked out, 'Strider' knocked out by a missile blast fired by Thunderblast.

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