Vital statistics
Title Maximus Team Gunner
Callsign Maximus 2
Gender male
Race Human, Clone
Physical Age Actual: 5

Physical: 22

Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Status Alive

Samir is the jokester of the group, always cracking jokes to keep up the teams morale. He is also Maximus' heavy gunner, preferring a large machine gun over everything else. He is the biggest believer in Ryan's mando culture, embracing it more than the others.


Ryan Ferran: Being his adopted father, Samir has devoted his life to him, much like his brothers and sisters have.

Elizabeth Faith: Meeting her while on a routine mission, Samir quickly fell for her. After she joined Hellcat Squadran, they got into a relationship and spent much of their time together.


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