Raynor face
Vital statistics
Title Maximus Team Leader
Callsign Maximus 1
Gender male
Race Human, Clone
Physical Age Actual: 5

Physical: 22

Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Status Alive

Raynor is the leader of Maximus and the one Ryan is most protective of. He is the most serious of the 6 and is the most protective of Ryan. He once threatened IceBite whe an arguement got a bit to heated between him and Ryan. He is socially awkward, but is probably a match for the stronger members of Hellcat Squadran.


Raynor was a part of a UNSC project to create new Spartan-III's to fight the Consortium War for them. The project was started in early 2027, but with the end of the Consortium War, funding for the project was nearly obliterated. The scientists, worried that they would be shut down, brought in Hellcat Squadran commander Ryan Ferran to survey their work. When he arrived, they showed him 6 Spartans that looked about 5 years old. They described as deadly, silient, and uncontrolable. As they were telling him about new models being more controlable, one of the Spartans, the future Raynor, stole Ryan's pistol and held the scientists at gunpoint. Ryan was able to convince him to return the pistol and took the six young Spartans away from the facility to train them himself. The UNSC project shut down a week later. The six Spartans were brought back to Kaven Base, where they were trained by Ryan for he next 5 years.

Hellcat Squadran ServiceEdit

Spartan Team Maximus, led by Raynor, was created in 2031. Although officially loyal to the Squadran and the Coalition, they did not take orders from anyone but Ryan, and sometimes Claire Farron and Zack Sigurdson.

Raynor's Spartan Armor

Raynor 2

Raynor's Mandolorian Armor

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