Vital statistics
Title Maximus Team Demolitions
Callsign Maximus 4
Gender male
Race Human, Clone
Physical Age Actual: 5

Physical: 22

Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Status Alive

Jared is the explosives expert in the group. He is very quiet, even for a Spartan. He is ussually the first person Ryan calls on to do sabatoge missions behind enemy lines. He is possibly the most well rounded Spartan on the team: he is protective, loyal, and embraces his culture heavily.


Ryan Ferran: Jared cares for Ryan immensly and does his best to make Ryan proud of him.

Alana Leto: Jared fell for Alana as soon as the two got to know each other. He became very protective of her as time wore on.


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