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"Ark", is an ex 14 year old Odst that served alongside Odst grievous and Eagle owl. She also resigned at the same time as they did. She traveled with Eagle owl when Grievous became an assassin. Eagle Owl and Ark ran into Growvole once and Ark stopped Eagle Owl from fighting and was almost killed. Grievous recruited her to be part of Zeta wing after the Treklan war ended.


She is very cheerful, and somewhat annoying because of it. She's flirted with many male members Of Hellcat Squadran, only of which that let it go very far was Tucker (Eagle Owl beat the crap out of him that time). The only members she doesn't flirt with are the girls and Derek Sanders. Only three members that are immune to her flirting are ODST grievous, IceBite, and Jerdak. She often gets annoyed by Wolf sword, and usually kicks him in the groin.Selen and her are very good friends.

What the others think of her

Selen-very good friends.

Eagle Owl- good friends.

Grievous-Friends. When Ark was assassinated along with Carack in 2016, Grievous avenged her moments after killing Carack's killer.


"Look, I'm not going to go out with you, damn it!"


"Is this how it went for you?"

"She wasn't as persistant, but yes."

-Ark, Jerdak, and ODST grievous, after Ark flirted with Jerdak.

"Don't you DARE hurt Dawn!"


"Oh shit...Ark's gone berserk!"

"Broken nose, one broken arm, knee to the balls, and and a broken jaw, shit she surprised me."

-Ark, Tory, and ODST grievous after Tory knocked out Eagle owl for threatening Dawn.

"Oww my noze"

"I told you that she would kill you, well almost."

"LOL!"That"s Funny!"

"I'm not finished with you Wolf!"

"Oh god..."

Carack Wolf sword Eagle Owl and Ark an hour after Wolf sword found a...I don't know what to say...

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